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I love hearing people use the word “free spirit” and I think it’s a term not used often enough.  It represents our true authentic nature in the highest of calibre.  We often forget that we are free and that we can decide what experiences we shall experience in this life time.  Our 21st century living is amazing at imparting us with knowledge on how to follow orders, how to work for others and how to be obedient to the unconformities of society.  However, the most imperative thing it did not teach us is how to think for ourselves and how to take leadership of our own lives.

We may have all have a fanatical dream of soaring like a bird meandering through the aliveness of mother earth.  Unfortunately this thing called life happens and all our dreams are put on standstill and they are sometimes never realised.  Our responsibilities take hold of us and we transfer our dreams onto our children as we utter the words “Do what I didn’t, go out there and explore life.”  I’ve discovered that when our time comes for our departure from this fleshy vessel we either share amazing stories with our loved ones or we look back on all the chances we did not take and we wish we could be given a do over.  For those of you who are in your 20’s I implore that if there is an underlying desire to venture out then do not let anything hold you back.

Here are my reasons for why we should travel more:

  • Nothing beats life experience.  You can attend all the schools and universities you want and stack up all the degrees and PhD’s as you want but none of that will prepare you for the real world.  By immersing yourself first hand into the openness of life, one adopts and soaks in the beauty of life.  Through experience we gain an understanding of culture, beliefs, ideas, dreams, desires and inspiration.  Through our observation we become moulded into a much more profound human being.
  • We are always seeking escape from our every day lives.  We are stuck in jobs we don’t particularly like and we spend our time procrastinating about being somewhere else.  Life is a mere 70-80 years, do you really want to spend the rest of it like that?  Start of small and take small trips and you will have an inner desire to explore further.  At this point you can begin to plan and save up the funds that you need to embark on this voyage.
  • Opportunities come to those who are open.  It can be scary to take this step especially if you are not one to often take risks.  I’ve learnt that you do not truly know who you are until you have ventured into places you have never been.  Through your adventures you may find a new home, uncover a skill you never knew you had or even find true love in the most unlikeliest of places.  Adventure welcomes serendipity in the greatest of forms.
  • Life is full of surprises.  You will be amazed at the amount of like-minded people out there with whom you can relate from cities far and wide.  These relationships may become the most profound relationships that you will ever have whether it be friendship or love.  It is a blessing to be able to stargaze, witness countless sunsets and sunrises from places all over the world.

We are inhabitants of mother Earth and it’s terrains beckon us to come forth.  I remember a particular moment in my life when I found myself in Spain spending 4 nights at a hostel.  I was in a room of people from all corners of the world laughing and smiling.  Someone picked up a guitar and the first strum of its string captivated the soul of everyone in the room.  This followed with someone picking up a drum and so on and before we knew it we had an orchestra of beautiful souls creating the most melodic music to ever be heard.  Voices joined in tandem as we sang in harmony swaying side to side with each other as the energy in the atmosphere was so vibrant.  We were all people from different walks of life yet in that one moment we were all the same person.


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