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Have you ever set a goal whilst giving it your undivided attention like an archer caressing the feathers on his arrow ready to release and strike the bulls eye.  It’s slow release forces a gust of air to lather your face as the arrow moves closer and closer, nearer and nearer and eventually, you miss!  You then evaluate the situation and think about all the time you invested in this.  Evidently it was all just a waste of time, or was it?

The whole concept of goal setting seems to elude us whilst only bringing about a drought of pain and despair.  Perhaps it is because our understanding of the whole thing is kind of pretty wrong.



The actual reason for setting goals is that it provides us with momentum in our life.  Any time we are moving we are moving closer towards something, somewhere or someone whether we fully acknowledge it or not.  When you are stationary the scenery always remains the same and nothing ever changes.  However, when you begin to move you thrust your being forward into a realm of infinite possibilities where many doors  open and close.

The key is to not get too fixated by the goal itself but use it as a tool for motivation in putting one foot forward.  The only reason we become disappointed when a goal is not met is because of our attachment to a fixed vision of how life should have turned out.  Truth be told, everything out there is barely in our control for life is so much greater than us.


Now that you understand that a goal is a simple point on the horizon that beckons you towards it whether you cross a scorching dessert, walk treacherous terrains or even take a cab, you know you are journeying somewhere!  For example, imagine Simon was searching for his dream career (that was the first name that popped into my head) and he had a short term goal of simply travelling to Canada for a week or so to clear his head.  He hiked the Canadian Rockies and gazed at Niagra Falls, marveled at the scenery of British Columbia, nervously walked across the CN Tower and ate copious amounts of Poutine.

Upon travelling Simon realized that he had a desire for adventure  so he continued to plan many more journeys to all corners of the world.  Simon then realized that he wanted to keep a record of his epic adventures thus he started a travel blog.  This blog grew and grew and it attracted the attention of a prestigious travel company who sponsored Simon to travel and blog.  Now Simon is pursuing his love for travel and he has found his career.  On one of his trips Simon falls in love with Sarah (these names are genius!) and she shares the same passions as him.  Eventually they get married and explore mother Earth together.

Through one simple goal a spiral of events transpired for which Simon did not even plan but it was that short term goal that lead to the medium and long term goal.  Each goal helped to realize the next and there was no room for disappointment because this was an adventure!  Life is an adventure full of unknowns.

There are millions of circumstances that could take place in this very same nature.  It always starts with one simple step which will lead to another which will lead to another.  The most important part is to just keep on moving, trying new things, being open to multiple failures and know that eventually it will lead to the greatest success.  This is the power of one simple goal which was open ended yet had a certain sense of direction.

Often along the way we realize that the things we thought we wanted so badly turn out to be things we don’t actually want and that the best things we have gained are things we never actually thought we wanted.  Life is one big paradox!  I challenge you to get off your butt and set one small goal for tomorrow and then just go with it and see where life takes you.



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