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So the story goes that when the divine creates a soul it is split in half so that it can experience life in the physical plane in duality.  The souls become ying and yang, masculine and feminine energy.  The two parts inhibit similar and varying characteristics but their true essence is one and the same.  The souls are then placed in bodies in any corner of the world yet somehow when the time is right and the energy of the two souls match they will find each other no matter how far.  When they first encounter one another it will seem as if they are peering into a mirror reflecting each others strengths and weaknesses.  The experience can be both blissful and daunting.  This is the nature of twin flames.

Albert Einstein once coined quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.”  The phenomenon is when two particles remain connected even over a large distance.  In an article published by CNET titled “Physicists prove Einstein’s ‘spooky’ quantum entanglement” it was stated “Things get really interesting when two electrons become entangled,” said Ronald Hanson from the University of Delft. “They are perfectly correlated, when you observe one, the other one will always be opposite. That effect is instantaneous, even if the other electron is in a rocket at the other end of the galaxy.” 

There will be a series of tumultuous events which catapult both twins into a period of awakening where their vibrations begin to raise.  This leads them into an inward journey where they begin to learn more about themselves, confront their pains and work on healing and self loving.  Ultimately the trajectory of their lives change and they exists within a heightened state.  The increased awareness and awakening emits a signal to the universe stating that both twins are ready to connect whether they realise it or not.  This follows by a strange turn of events where synchronicity and serendipity become prevalent as if the universe is nudging them towards one another.  Often twin flames may live far apart or in different countries.

The twin flame relationship is far from easy as its journey ranges from the twin flame meeting, the honeymoon phase, the twin flame separation and then ultimately when both are completely healed they will reunite for eternity.  During the period of separation they will always be thinking of one another, dream of each other and even feel each other.  The twin flame union is spiritual thus its characteristics are beyond the physical.  Regardless of the separation they are always connected as the universe has tied an invisible thread to their souls thus they will always belong to one another and no matter how far or difficult their journey may become they will always find a way back to one another.

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