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There is that saying, “Physical attractions are common but spiritual attractions are rare.”  The old age adage “Love at first sight” is so common place however; it can also be perceived as “Lust at first sight.”  There are millions of attractive people on this planet with whom we can relate to on a physical level however, it can only take you so far.  We are a tri-part being, mind, body and soul.  To find someone who we can relate to on all levels is a rarity.  If you ever find this person do not let them go for you have both been blessed with the gift of one another.

So what happens if your significant other resides miles away from you whilst being separated by vast seas.  Is it still worth the struggle?  Alternatively, you could be complacent and decide to ditch taking the chance and settle for someone closer to you.  What if the other person you find is an inch away from you yet the distance feels so great.  What if the person you know your soul is destined for resides 3,000 mile away yet the heart feels no distance.  What would be the right thing to do?

Let me implore that just because something is easy, it doesn’t make it the right choice.  The best things in life come with patience and most importantly faith.  The notion of blind faith is hard to fathom as we desire to know the final outcome of an event whilst being filled with fear that if we invest time into this person it could all go to waste.  Time is something we never get back.  You weigh up the pros and cons in your mind and think of the worst case scenario and whether you can muster up enough strength to carry on loving someone when you crave for their presence whilst  acknowledging that you have to accept that you are miles apart.

Instead of thinking of what could go wrong you could think about all the things that could go right.  What if after the entire struggle the story becomes fruitful and the distance dissipates.  The flow of life grants all that you believe in.  All that it requires is your surrender and trust that over this vast sea a bridge is being built.  However, in order to make such a thing work teamwork is required.  Total and utter understanding, communication, effort, faith and trust in one another and in the beauty of life.

If one person is strong and the other stumbles it is the duty of the stronger one to lift them up.  However, it is not the job of the convinced to become the convincer for the other.  You must both know in your heart that this is what you whole heartedly want and you believe that it is not a question of IF but a question of WHEN.  It is a blessing to spend your entirety with someone who understands your silence, your passions and your flaws yet accepts you completely for who you are.  Understand that there is a risk in every aspect of life but there is no sense in seizing to love because of the fear of getting hurt.  Where there is a will there is always a way.  If you feel something so strong in your heart do not betray its whispers for the shouting of the mind will one day remind you of the greatest risk you did not take.


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