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The twin flame relationship is one of the most profound relationships that one can experience.  Its nature vibrates at a higher frequency and it is more spiritual than physical.  Twin flames are different from soul mates as soul mates are teachers whereas twin flames is partnership.  In life you will encounter many soulmates but only one twin flame and this can take many incarnations before the bond is established in the physical plane.  The divine has orchestrated that when both twins are ready they will reunite as they are part of the same soul experiencing life in duality.  Through their tumultuous journey, when they reunite they will both complete their assigned task of contributing healing in this world.  They work in unison utilising each others skills in carrying out their true life purpose.

Below are some of the characteristics of a twin flame.

  1. You may meet them in the astral realm before you encounter them in the physical realm.  This can come as a vivid dream of meeting this individual and feeling unconditional love and an infinite knowingness.  It could also be a voice you recognise which has an important message to tell you.
  2. Twin flames often live very far apart, perhaps in different countries.  However, due to the development of technology such as Skype, WhatsApp and Snapchat more twin flames are finding one another.  The relationship normally starts of as friendship but rapidly develops into something much deeper.
  3. Upon meeting your twin flame you will feel instantly magnetised towards them.  The connection will be electric and you will feel an intense comfortability and knowingness with them.  It will feel like this was always meant to be.  The relationship develops rapidly and it is as if the universe is taking over and guiding you both.  Everything feels natural and it will feel like you are home.
  4. You will see increased number synchronicity together such as 1111.  This may have begun before you both found each other and it increases tenfolds when you are together.  This is a sign that you are following the universes divine plan.
  5. In some cases the union can have been prophesied.  If you have an interest in astrology or mediums they may already have described certain aspects of the relationship before anything took place.
  6. As twin flames are part of the same soul experiencing life in duality, peering into each others eyes is like looking into a mirror.  They are each others yang and yang.  There will be many similarities but also differences.  These differences help compliment one another for what one twin has the other twin aspires to develop.  This can also be painful because looking into the mirror the twin sees all their strengths but also their weaknesses.  Their wounds become exposed and healing is required.
  7. One twin will be more spiritual and the other will be more physical.  This can often lead to the “twin flame runner and chaser scenario.”  The practical twin may begin to deny the connection and run away whilst keeping themselves occupied  in worldly things such as their career.  The spiritual one has no doubt about the nature of their connection and as they have unconditional love for their twin they will take a step back and let the other twin come to the realisation in their own time.
  8. The whole relationship is magnified.  When things are going well the feeling is absolutely blissful like there is no stopping them but when things are not working out it can evoke intense pain and it will feel like everything is falling apart.
  9. There will be a telepathic connection between the two of you.  During the twin flame separation stage you may still feel you twins presence and their emotional and mental state.  There will be a lot of feelings and events that will occur with twin flames that defy all logic.  It is a relationship that requires heart over mind.
  10. During the separation stage both twins will undergo a healing process and learn forgiveness, surrender, faith, being independent and trusting.  Both twins will need to be equally healed and whole as individuals in order for them to reunite.  Through this reunion their love will be infinite and unbreakable.  They will inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves.  At this point they will both realise their true purpose together.  During this final incarnation on this earthly plane they will fulfil their destiny of helping humanity before they return back to source as one complete soul.


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