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If I was to describe life in its totality, one of the ways I would describe it is that life is simply a series of choices.  We are all responsible for the choices we are faced with in each and every moment of every day.  Whether it be from deciding what you and your girlfriend/boyfriend should eat ( most cases the reply is “I don’t mind” which makes that vein of annoyance bulge from your forehead) or deciding whether to quit your job and pursue your dreams, these are all choices.

In some cases when we know we are faced with a difficult choice we do not want to choose thus we decide to do nothing which is still a choice, do you follow?  With every choice leads a different story of where your life will take you which sometimes can be truly inspirational and sometimes just downright ugly.  The true question about making a choice is how do we know we are making the right choice.



The answer is so simple!  The answer is…..there is no way to make sure you are making the right choice.

Every choice reaps a consequence or a reverberation that echoes in the universe and some choices are good whereas others are not so good.  With every choice we make we are taking a leap of faith as we do not know definitely what is on the other side.  Life is all about taking a leap of faith because it is so much grander and greater than us little human beings.  We try to control everything in our lives and when things do not go to plan we become downright confuzzled.

Choices will have to keep being made until the day we reach our demise.  When things do not go to plan we tend to become disappointed, depressed and we lose our trust in life.  We decide to slumber and let time pass us by whilst replaying over and over in our minds how we could have averted the situation.  What is done is done and no more can be said about that.

The choices we make stem from our habits such as our general fitness and well-being.  Lets say we have an overweight person who truly wants to do something about it yet their hand always find its way caressing the crisp packaging of a chocolate bar.  They keep making this choice time and time again even though they know what it is that they want to achieve.  This repeated choice changes nothing for them and maintains them in a stationary position of despair.

However, the moment they decide to throw out all the unhealthy food, change their diet and start exercising is the very moment that a change will begin to take place.  The decider of this decision was the very same person who at one point lead an unhealthy lifestyle yet the only thing that changed was their mindset and determination.  This change in habit lead to a change in choices which ultimately lead to a change in outcome.


Ethan went to his local bar to meet a group of his close friends and there he was introduced to Summer.  There was an immediate connection between the two and they begun to hang out within the friend circle and outside.  They shared the same taste in movies, music and food.  They became inseparable and it seemed like everything was just perfect.  As time passed Ethan and Summer drifted apart until Summer declared she had fallen out of love with Ethan.  Ethan was inconsolable spending each painful night alone questioning why he chose to love Summer and how two people can just fall out of love.  After endless nights he finally began to heal and he decided life was too short thus he would pursue all the things he once only dreamt of doing.  He packed his bags and left to travel and settled down in Vancouver where he inhabited a small lake house for the period of a year pursuing his writing dream.  At a local coffee shop he bumped in Autumn who he thought was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on.  Soon Autumn was spending a lot of time with Ethan at the lake house and after falling deeply in love they married and raised a beautiful family together.


Anya dashed around the house trying to find her keys as she was going to be late for a very important meeting.  The weather channel reported there was a storm brewing and that it was advisable to stay off the roads.  This meant nothing to Anya as this meeting was imperative as it meant making a good impression for her boss and perhaps increasing her chance of a promotion.  Gabriel, Anya’s husband convinced her that she should stay indoors and after endless persuasion she decided to have a quiet night in with the love of her life.  Later that day Any discovered that there had been a catastrophic landslide on the route that she was going to take at the very precise moment she was about to leave the house.


You see every choice leads to a different experience and after some bad choices come good choices.  The key isn’t in trying to make right choices but it’s in not being afraid to make a choice.  Every person and every choice is interconnected in this life.  Your choice does not just end with you but it ripples with every person who you know and even those you don’t know….YET!


In Patricia Pearson’s book “Opening Heaven’s Door” she retold a compelling story.

Patricia’s mother had suffered from a NDE (Near Death Experience) when she tried to take her own life.  Her soul left her body and she recalled meeting a young woman whom she did not recognise.  She was confused as it’s normally said that when experiencing NDE’s we see our loved ones, people we recognise.  This young girl proceeded to tell her that Patricia’s mother had once given up her cinema ticket and given it to this young woman as she could see it in her eyes that watching this movie meant so much more to this young woman than it meant to her and with all the tickets being sold out she was faced with disappointment.

Patricia’s mother gave up her ticket for this young woman and never saw her again until now.  The woman said that after she had left she went to watch the film where she accidentally spilt her drink on a young man.  After apologising repeatedly the young man and woman started talking and got to know each other.  They fell madly in love, married and had a family.  Unfortunately, after 5 beautiful years of marriage this young woman passed away.  She spoke to Patricia’s mother in spirit thanking her for that one small gesture and that even though she only had 5 years of wonderful marriage, they were the best moments of her life.  She then convinced Patricia’s mother to return to her physical body.

Sometimes the smallest choices we make have the biggest impact.  Understand that hidden deep within our  choices are lessons of love and pearls of wisdom and we should never be afraid to make choices when they do not work out.  When you are making an important choice take 3 very deep breaths and observe how you feel.  If the choice you make is coming from love know that whatever you do the universe has got you.


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