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Depression is a catalyst which forces a person to awaken from their “Deep Rest.”  It signifies a state of deep exhaustion that is created by the weight of our “false identity.”  A soul can feel lost as if they have lost all their bearings in life and they have become detached from all purpose merely just surviving through each and every day.


  1. The act of getting out of bed becomes almost impossible as the individual questions the point of waking up which is tied down to a feeling of uselessness and despair.
  2. The individual begins to question the significance and value of their life and whether life and people really need them.  They begin to visualise whether they would be missed if they were gone.
  3. A profound fixation on the past and future begins to repeat itself in every moment as it enables them to avoid the harsh reality of their present life situation.
  4. There is an instant loss of interest in life and all the things that were once most important to you.  You decide to stay in isolation and you become mute not wanting to speak or interact with anyone.
  5. You are in a constant battle with your mind and you feel a sense of drowning.  There is a feeling that you are being squashed between walls that are closing in on you.

Ultimately, life is what you make it and the whole life experience is dependent on our mind-set.  Commonly, depression forces an individual to revaluate their life whilst breaking away from the bondage of expectations.  At a point where they no longer feared death they realise that they now no longer fear to live.  Life is short and precious and rather than making a list of things to do before we die we collate a list of things to do in order to live.

We need to fall in love with our lives again and this involves changing our perspective of life.


  1. Do what makes you happy!  The world is your playground so experiment, take risks, face your fears, go on an adventure.
  2. Be open to everything whilst exposing yourself to situations you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable in.  Life begins outside our comfort zone and the moment we step out of it we expose ourselves to new opportunities, people and meaningful coincidences.
  3. Write a list of all the things you love to do and try to do a bunch of them every day.  Do more of what you love to do and your destiny will come and find you.
  4. Become your true authentic self.  Love and embrace yourself 100%.  Your imperfections are perfection.  Accept and love all your unique abilities including your flaws.  Once you learn to love yourself you will become more open to be loved by others and you will be able to love all those who cross your path.
  5. Dispel all expectations as expectations cause us to resist life and force us to think about the future.  The future has not arrived yet as it will be influenced by the decisions you make now.  Be fully present in the NOW and stop expecting things to happen to you.  Let them flow through you.
  6. Wake up each morning with a grateful heart.  Count all your blessings and realise how lucky you truly are.  The things you take for granted is the answer to a prayer someone sends out every night.
  7. Grab 2 coloured highlighters, one to represent a positive day and the other to represent a not so positive day.  Mark the end of each day with a colour.  The more you practice the above the sooner you realise that the days can be marked by both colours.  The day may not be so good but because your mind-set has changed you have the ability to stay positive in the worse of circumstances.
  8. Trust your intuition.  That gut feeling you have that whispers to you is your inner guidance system.  Submit yourself to it and it will take you to magical places you have never been before.  The mind can elude you but your heart and soul will always speak the truth.
  9. Stay balanced.  Busy life can often become too much so it is imperative that we ground ourselves whether it be through meditation, hiking in nature, running, yoga or going to the gym.  We are spiritual beings experiencing a human life.  The body is the residence of an important guest, our soul.  The body is our temple thus it is essential we keep it well maintained, clean and habitable.
  10. Never bottle your emotions.  Sometimes pride and ego takes over us and we feel that we can battle depression alone.  Even the strongest of soldiers need to call out for help and to seek help takes courage.  Talk to someone and let them know how you are feeling whether it be you feeling down or happy.

Sometimes it feels like we were on a ship with the sails set to such precision, we knew exactly where we were heading.  All of a sudden the journey became sporadic as an unseen wind blew our sails far away from where we were heading.  Sometimes the wrong turn can lead us in the right direction.

We must ask ourselves if our situation is a product of our thoughts or are our thoughts a product of our situation.  In order to make a change we must change one of these things.  Everything you seek is within you.  Make your purpose in life to find your purpose.  You were  not given this life by chance.  Acknowledge you have a vital role to play in this universe and without your presence the whole existence of life would be totally different.  You are not a drop in the ocean but you are an ocean in a drop.

No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, know that you are going to make it!  Let the depression fade into the background and become an expression of life.  God has you right where he wants you and he will only put you to something if he knows you can get through it.

God bless you!  May your inner light guide you.

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