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Who would have thought that we could feel so drawn and connected to a soul so far away.  I often speak about the ‘Twin Flame’ who is a reflection of yourself and possess all the attributes that you have.  They are your duality and the other half to your whole and I believe that when the two halves of the soul were created, no matter how far apart they were placed they were always destined to find one another like the south pole being attracted to the north.  These connections can become so profound that when they develop we would be willing to fight harder and stronger, swim oceans and climb mountains like an archaeologist searching for a divine temple hidden amidst a rainforest in a place only rumoured by the locals.  Despite this he proceeds whilst rationing his food and water with due diligence, cutting away at twigs and thorns totally unaware of the bleeding scratches inflicted on his limbs and the tears on his tattered clothes.  As he constantly climbs he catches a glimpse of what awaits him and from some divine source he channels an abundance of energy and runs and climbs higher and higher.  At last he stands on the grounds of the sacred temple that he was seeking for so long!  This is a similar journey that two souls may have to take in order to discover the treasure in one another.


Is it worth it? – It’s often a difficult question to answer but often you feel it in your soul that you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for so long and your willing to wait and take the risk regardless of whether the quest will be fruitful or not.  Are you willing to dedicate your love and heart for that other person who lives across seas and land?  Be honest and truthful with yourself.

Surprise each other – Since your intimacy is limited to talking and texting, nothing beats receiving something in the post from your significant other.  Whether it be flowers, a teddy bear, jewellery, a handmade card or even a letter, it all counts.  To be able to have something tangible that they have physically touched, an object imbued with their energy which you now hold, this is powerful and brings you so much closer to them.  Their fragrance may linger on that object which has flown from their hands over many miles to find itself on your doorstep, that is love.

Involve each other – As you’re not physically with each other in your day to day lives you can still keep them involved in your day through capturing your favourite moments in the day and sharing it with them through photos and videos.

Skype/Facetime dates – Set times aside where you both have a dedicated slot of time in the day for one another.  These could be dinner dates where you spend one hour eating together and catching up on what’s new in each others lives.  When you have the time scheduled you will spend the day smiling and feeling excited knowing that you are going to see your significant others face.

First and last words – Make that effort to share the first and last words of the day with one another.  A simple “Good morning beautiful.  Hope you have a blissful day” or a “Goodnight my love.  Miss you lots.  Thinking about you” takes only 1 minute to message yet makes their day and night.  It shows care and affection for one another and that you are on each others minds.

Share your favourite movies and songs – You may share different tastes in movies and music so share it with one another.  Recommend a bunch of movies or a genre of music and your favourite artists.  Make a playlist for them so that when they listen to that music or watch that movie they will be reminded of you.

Visit one another – Make a date where you can visit one another and visit each others hometowns.  The energy that will permeate when you both hug each other for the first time, look into each others eyes, hand in hand, lips against lips will be utterly electric.  You can share all your favourite spots with them and even plan holidays together.  Your relationship will be a great adventure where you will truly cherish each others physical presence.

There is that saying, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”  As you can only talk and text, we have no choice but to talk and listen which enables us to learn about our significant other.  We learn about their likes, their dislikes, their morals and beliefs, passions, dreams and desires, what makes them laugh and what makes them cry.  We divulge into the essence of their being and when we meet we will already know everything about one another.  We won’t have to speak, our eyes will communicate everything.  There is no such thing as a perfect relationship but there is such thing as perfect effort.  If you truly are committed to one another than perhaps one day the distance will disappear as you will both voyage on an adventure and settle somewhere united, together.  But for now understand that everything is energy, connected to all that we see and feel no matter where it is located or in what form.  We are the sea, the land, the wind and the moon.  If we are everything then there really isn’t any distance between us since spiritually we are but one.

The best things in life come with patience and if your purpose is pure, the presence that you will both share will truly be a present.



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