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“Hmmmm…something doesn’t feel right.”  Does this sound familiar?  An invading feeling of uncertainty or certainty which springs from nowhere yet it overpowers every atom in your body.  This my friends is what we call intuition.  It is that whisper or that gut feeling that leaves you on edge and leaves you questioning the logic of your decision.  Let me elaborate.

Let’s say you are taking your normal route to work.  You chose this route because logically it is the fastest way to reach the office for your 9am start.  Suddenly you reach the same junction that you have taken many times over but today something is different.  There is this underlying feeling of influence coming from a source other than your logical and practical thinking mind.  The conversation with yourself would go a little like this.

“Turn right.”  “Why would I turn right, we always go this way.”  “Please trust me on this.”  “It just doesn’t make sense, why make life harder?” “Have faith in us, all will be revealed.”  “Your so annoying!  Fine we will turn right.”  

Later that day you find that there was a multiple collision and vehicle pile up on the exact same route you were about to take at that precise moment.  You find that there were 20 casualties and one person lost there life.  Thanks to that one simple decision you averted the course of your untimely demise.  Now you get to keep on living, dreaming and loving.  You will marry the love of your life, buy a beautiful house by a lake and spend your evenings huddle by your wife under a starry night listening to the calm sways of the waves serenading your ears.  You may think this sounds far fetched but accounts of such experiences have been documented.



In our every day life the majority of our decisions are made by the logical mind.  However, it has been proven that 20% of grey matter is attributed to conscious thoughts whilst the other 80% is attributed to unconscious thoughts.  Grey matter contains most of our brains neuronal cell bodies. It includes regions of our brain that are involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as hearing and seeing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making and self control.


It’s ironic that we recognise ourselves as “human beings” yet the description that would best fit us would be a “human doing.”  We are forever busy in the hustle and bustle of life paying attention to the outside world whilst we forget about our inside world.  As much as we still need logical and practical thinking, intuition should not be forsaken.

  • Turn off your narrator.  Your narrator is your critic who constantly analyses every moment of your life.  “Weather looks nice today.  Wonder if I should take a coat though incase it rains.  This weather is so shit.  It’s meant to be summer.  Meh!  I need to go on holiday.  Holiday, haha!  I’m not even in beach body condition.  Bergh blah blurghhh.”  It’s all pointless drivel.
  • Keep a journal and record how you feel.  This will give you the opportunity to reflect on what things make you feel alive, content and happy and it will encourage you to do more of that.  This could be random notes, quotes, phrases or even little sketches and doodles.
  • Find solitude and immerse yourself in a moment that leaves you mesmerised.  Whether it be music, literature, painting or running through the streets naked (I wouldn’t recommend this one).  Establish that connection with your inner self and let your internal emotions override your intellectual mind.  Meditation is an amazing tool in achieving stillness of the mind.
  •  The more you do of all the above the more you will find yourself walking into serendipitous coincidences.  Everything begins to align effortlessly and your intuition begins to guide you towards all the right places, people and situations.

Remember, your intuition must be exercised in order to become stronger.  Try it for 7 days and see how it feels.  Practice makes perfect.


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