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Spreading good vibes stem from being in a nourishing and uplifting environment.  Energy, this beautiful, unseen, majestic and magical bundle of cosmic joy is artistic at the most when it is directed from the right heart state.  However, whilst living in this thing we call life, we often face hurdles that make it almost impossible to maintain any positivity.  The root of that problem could be linked directly to our mind-set and perspective of life or it could be the environment and people in which we are placed in or with.  A flower can never flourish if the light which encourages it to grow is being blocked.

Close your eyes.  Open them and find yourself amidst a beautiful crowd of your most beloved friends and family.  The lush garden and trees decorated with gleaming fairy lights and tea candles and the gentle scent of cinnamon effervescing the cool air.  The air is full of joy and laughter with people embracing each other exchanging life stories whilst the soothing melody of a guitar lingers into the atmosphere.  You feel content, happy and grateful and you would not change this moment under the stars for anything else.  This is an example of an environment that nourishes you as it oozes positivity, love, joy and simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to life.  Our lives often become cluttered with unwanted junk which we can choose to clear away at any given moment.  It is imperative that you recognise that you have the ultimate power to change and better your life.  It’s all you, you’re the artist of your own canvas.  Make a decision of whether the picture you paint is monotonous, bleak and uninspiring or pick up vibrant colours and splash them all over your canvas filling it with inspiration, love, joy, excitement and hope.

It can often be difficult as we never asked for the situations in which we are placed.  The past is the past and it should be kept there.  What matters most is the move you make next as this will determine your tomorrow.  We are sometimes placed in situations which drain us leaving us energy depleted.  Hanging around these types of places or with these types of people will bring you no inspiration.  The events that occur involve arguments, cursing, unnecessary conversations about everything that is wrong rather than what is right. Eleanor Roosevelt  once stated “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  The choice is yours.

Unfortunately, there are those individuals who thrive of causing commotion.  They will carelessly whisper empty notions to bring others down.  They gain pleasure from seeing others suffer thus they will stir a cauldron of negativity to reap what they sow.  Once they see an individual react to the effect of their poisonous potion they smirk.


It makes them feel better about themselves – Lost souls cannot see others experience happiness and success as it is something they greatly lack in their lives and they do not know how to attain it.  The way they are could be profoundly impacted from their upbringing or surroundings.  There are always two sides to a story and theirs always remain untold.

Respond instead of reacting – If we create a space between what a person has said and the moment in which we are about to react we can think about why they have said what they said.  If we smile instead of reacting to their focused efforts to bring us hardship they will become perplexed.  They will begin to question how you can still be at peace despite their best efforts.  It is then that a fire starts burning in their hearts and they will come to the epiphany that there is more to life and being happy for others is possible.

Don’t take it personally – In other cases it may be that someone close to you has said the wrong thing or reacted in the wrong way.  Acknowledge that there was an external factor that placed them in that mind state and it has nothing to do with what you have done.  Energy ripples and if one person experiences negativity it will spread thus break the cycle if it ever approaches you and divert it to positivity.

Pull others into your peace – Don’t let others bring you down.  Pull them into your peace.  We are all teachers in this life learning from one another through experiences.  Everyone has the capacity to change no matter how far they have fallen into abyss.  If you can, extend out your hand and pull them up.  Be a light worker and demonstrate that love is life.

You become who you spend time with“Your vibes attracts your tribe.”  Be mindful of the crowd you spend time with.  Observe the conversations you have, how you feel and if you can partake in them.  Those who encourage you to smile, laugh, rejoice, share and express whilst enabling you to cultivate yourself to be the best version of you are the best people to be around.  We all have wings and the right people remind us how to fly.


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