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Acknowledge that the only thing ever constant in life is change. However, change doesn’t always need to be perceived as negative as it can represent the start of a new beginning, a new chapter. It is often difficult for us to comprehend as we become so accustomed to a certain situation or a person thus taking that out of our lives equation distorts the whole balance of our being. What we once knew so well has all of a sudden become so estranged.

There are those individuals whether friends or lovers that impact your life in the most profound way. Those who you invested so much time in whilst getting to know every corner of their mind and soul. You accumulate so much personal and sentimental knowledge about them yet when the separation comes you’re left holding jewels that can no longer be deemed precious. Days and nights spent in fits of laughter over the most ridiculous things, songs sung together, places visited, sunrises seen, starry nights gazed. The people you once thought would stay are nowhere to be seen, no voices to be heard, no laughter to be shared.

The problem is with the hurt and pain we experience we build barriers barricading any soul that tries to enter. We assume we will be hurt before even giving people a chance thus we shut them out before the hurt pours in. Pain is inevitable however, suffering is an option and if we imprison ourselves in the cage we lock ourselves in we will see no light or freedom. Every soul is beautiful and can impact you in the most wonderful of ways but it requires you to take a leap of faith and let the right ones in.

Friendships and relationships come and go like an ocean wave that tides in a flows out. The most significant ones will water and nourish the seeds that will sprout the most beautiful of flowers. Learn to love unconditionally with no expectations wishing nothing but happiness for all those who either pass or stay. There are always various reasons why some stay and some go but let me assure you there is always a divine justification. One day you will look back and come to the epiphany that if those arduous times had not occurred in your life you would not have been molded into the individual you are today. Everyone you come across in life is a teacher and there is so much to be learnt from them. Some will teach you about strength and will whereas others will teach you about happiness, positivity and perseverance.

It is said “Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because he’s trying to change your heart.” Even the most dire of circumstances have hidden blessings in them which can only become realized with time.

To know who the right people are is a very difficult task. I believe that “That which you seek is also seeking you.” Once you focus truly on yourself and become the best version of who you can be, totally accepting and loving of yourself you will automatically draw like minded people in your life. Once you become the type of person you want to be around you will become surrounded. Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) classifies relationships in two categories, the coco cola relationships and the water relationships.


Coco cola relationships are difficult to maintain. There is constant friction and little understanding. It is possessive and controlling.


Water relationships however are fluid, flowing, calm, understanding, loving, gentle and respectful. Those who provide you with water relationships will always encourage you to flourish. These are the types of people you should keep around.

If you ever feel you are changing yourselves to fit in with a crowd or a person then you don’t belong in that puzzle.


  1. They fear that if they don’t confirm by the expectations of that crowd or individual they will be alone, alienated as they haven’t come across a soul who is like them.
  2. They settle for the love they believe they deserve.
  3. They convince themselves they are not worthy of something better.

Let me assure you that there is someone out there who is a mirror of you and will reflect every characteristic that you desire and with them your pieces will perfectly fit. All that requires is that you be you! Love finds you when you least expect it.

I believe whole heartedly in the law of attraction and whatever we think become things. When we focus on what we don’t want we feed energy in that thought thus we receive more of it. Those who come out of relationships that ended in turmoil constantly preach to themselves that they don’t want this and they don’t want that. Ultimately, when they hastily enter another relationship they experience the exact same things as their thinking is still in the same place.

When we break away from all that and focus on ourselves whilst realizing and appreciating our true worth our thoughts change and we begin to focus on what we do want. Ultimately, the universe responds and the more energy you channel into that thought, envisioning it as if you can hold it, feel and breath it, you will one day find that two stars from opposite ends of a vast universe will collide in one small moment and create the most beautiful supernova.



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