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Meditation and yoga has recently become a trend which everyone seems to be following and it’s definitely a good thing.  It may seem as if this concept was derived recently yet it’s origins stem back to the ancient times.  It was a practice practiced by sages, gurus and people from all walks of life.  Meditation is a practice in which one becomes centred and still whilst all of life continues to revolve around you.  Rather than becoming a participator, meditation allows you to take a step back and become an observer for a moment truly embracing and understanding this thing we called life.

As human beings we have the ability to experience an array of complex emotions which sometimes engulf us all at one time!  We are happy then sad and then angry in the space of 5 minutes and sometimes we don’t even know how we are meant to feel.  There may be many times when someone has said something hurtful or you are placed in a situation that angers you.  The first thing we do is retaliate as if we are in war and the mind has awaken every defence mechanism it has.  There is a difference between reacting and responding.  Reaction is instantaneous and it happens almost automatically whereas response humbly takes a step back and assesses the situation.  It understands that at the end of each word we say is another person who has the ability to feel exactly what we can feel.



When regularly practising meditation our physiology undergoes a change as every cell in our body begins to fill with prana (energy).  As the level of prana increases we begin to experience more joy, peace, enthusiasm and love.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improvement in your immune system.
  • Lowers high blood pressure.
  • Reduces the possibility of anxiety attacks.
  • Increase the production of serotonin which improves our mood and behaviour.
  • Energy levels increase as we gain an inner source of energy.

Mental Benefits:

  • Increase in creative thoughts.
  • Development of our intuition.
  • Increase in happiness.
  • Decreases anxiety.
  • Achieve peace of mind and gain clarity.
  • Our problems seem smaller.
  • Our minds become sharpened and we become a conduit for amazing things.

Other Benefits:

  • You become calmer, your spirit feels cleansed and you can maintain this whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed or emotionally shut down.
  • Meditation cleanses your aura which is the energy you emit in your environment.  The more positively healed you are the better your surroundings will become.
  • Meditation allows for self reflection and it gives you the opportunity to find out who you really are.


The practice of meditation will be a gargantuan task to start of with.  Let me show you.  Close you eyes now and for 1 minute think of nothing.  I’m guessing instead of your mind being clear it bombarded you with a million random thoughts.  This will take practice and consistency for the results to truly speak for themselves.

Each day take 5-10 minutes every morning and night to meditate.  Close you eyes and sit comfortably either in a lotus position, upright in a chair or your legs crossed.  Now focus on your breathing and let that life force be inhaled and exhaled through the core of your being.  If thoughts begin to show themselves do not fight them.  Observe them and let them pass right by.  The more you practice the clearer your mind will become.  Once you become used to the practice increase the time of each sitting.

Meditation does to you what stillness does to a river.  When the river is erratic and flows nothing can be seen but when it stops your reflection emerges and from there on the journey begins.


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