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We are into the first week of the new years and I’m betting there is a handful of you trying to stick religiously to a list of new years resolutions.  This year is going to surpass last year and like a soldier you will stick to your guns with military precision and there is going to be nothing that is going to deviate you from your destination.  Really?  Most of us will slumber back to our old selves by the second week and say, “Awww I’m going to do this next year.  There’s no stopping me.”

I feel that the problem lies in our mind-set and choice to wait until a new years to make new habits.  The closest thing to a fresh start is the very next breath you breathe.  Life is fundamentally influenced by our immediate choices in this very present moment and if we keep putting things off for later they will never get done.  The majority of us write down our new years resolution onto paper etching every inked word with immense passion and power.  However, if the goal is not followed by action the aspiration becomes futile.

Rather than setting new goals in life we could set a new theme to the way we decide to live.  The theme isn’t a magnified goal but it is more a way of living which automatically inhabits all that we desire.


Do not expect, accept – The one thing that hinders all our progress is our expectations to achieve a certain goal within a certain timescale.  We add so much pressure onto ourselves planning our route to the destination that we often do not take into account obstacles that may come our way.  When the goal has not been met in the way that we had planned we become disheartened and believe that we are not worthy.  Often we visualise the destination so clearly that it excites us and on our journey we meet people, travel to places, hit certain roadblocks and divert our course to proceed onwards.  Ultimately, we have a profound attachment to the journey not the destination for it is the journey that enlightened us.  Life was not designed to be so stressful, that is something humankind created upon themselves.  Relax and enjoy the ride.

Create the theme – The theme could be to create more happiness and contentment in your life.  This is not a thing but it is a way of being.  Once you focus on all the things that bring you happiness and contentment in your life your mind state begins to align with you intentions.  There is a saying, “Do more of what you love and your destiny will come and find you.”  You don’t always have to know the how, just focus on the why.  Once you find why you want to do something passion takes over without expectation and the moment becomes a form of art.  When we focus on the how, we contradict our intentions according to the ‘Law of Attraction’ as with that follows disbelief and negativity.  Get focused on being rather than becoming.

Open your mind – When there is torrential downpour mother earth is gifted with rain and if the droplets fall onto a bucket that is upside down no rain would be collected inside.  However, once we turn the bucket the right side up it becomes open to the abundance of rain that quickly fills to its brim.  See the bucket as your mind.  Once you open it you receive life in abundance through the people you meet, the places you go and the opportunities that it all brings.  This path will lead you to a rich and fulfilling life.

Clear out the negativity  – This new year is going to be a year of positivity thus you have no room for negativity.  A negative thought is weakest when it first enters your mind so we should heavily guard our mind from any intruders.  Choose your company wisely as we become a product of our crowd so as hard as it may be, if you have energy vampires in your life that deplete you of energy it’s time to let them go.

Remember, every choice we make is in our hands and it will dictate our emotions, thoughts, energy and attitude.  Become a leader in your life and strive to achieve mastery in living a legendary life.


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