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As my 26th birthday recently approached I had time to reflect on the story of my life so far.  It was a moment of elation and epiphany.  There have been times of pure joy and bliss and other times of hardship and struggle.  Albeit it there have been many peaks and troughs in my life so far, I would not change a thing.  Here are 26 life lessons I’ve learnt so far.



  1. Gratefulness goes a long way.  Often we look at ourselves as victims of our own circumstances but the moment we look around at others less fortunate than us our feet become firmly planted on this Earth.  What we take for granted others beg and pray for.  When we become grateful we see beauty in everything, everyone and every moment.
  2. Do not be afraid to fail.  There are going to be numerous times that things do not work out as you planned them but that should never hold you back from trying and trying again.  Consistency and persistence is the key to success.  Winston Churchill once put this perfectly by saying “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”  
  3. Never compare yourself to others.  You should never compare yourself to others for you are you and they are them.  You were made perfectly by an almighty creator who makes no mistakes.  Do not strive to be like others, instead strive to be the best version of yourself.
  4. Treat others how you would like to be treated.  Treat everyone who crosses you path with nothing but love and respect.  If others treat you unkindly do not treat them the same for that is a reflection of yourself.  Instead rise above it and send them nothing but love.  Love has the power to change everything.
  5. Live a life of service.  Most of what we do in our lives is done for ourselves however, the joy that is experienced when we perform small acts of kindness for others is far superior.  Let yourself act as a conduit of assistance and inspiration for others.
  6. Follow your heart.  Logic will get you only so far whereas your intuition will take you to places you would never have imagined.
  7. Always be truthful.  Buddha once stated “Three things cannot be long hidden.  The sun, the moon and the truth.”  The truth shall always set you free as it comes from a place of love and light.  Do not let yourself become burdened by lies.
  8. Give more than you receive.  Everything you accumulate in this life will not matter when your time comes thus it is a beautiful thing to give in abundance.  I’ve learnt that those who have less are willing to give more and those who have a lot are willing to give less.
  9. Do not be afraid to say “I love you.”  Do not be afraid of whether it is said back or not because if what you speak is the truth your energy and aura will emanate truth.  If tomorrow does not come will you have wished that you spoke those words?
  10. Always keep an open mind.  Throughout our life we will encounter many teachers from the most unlikely of people who will challenge our mindset.  Be humble enough to let their knowledge seep through you so that your mind can expand.
  11. Hardship brings wisdom.  When times are hard do not wish that your life was easier.  Instead see it as an opportunity for personal growth.  If you look back at all your hardest times you will realise that they shaped you into who you had to become.
  12. Everything will pass.  If you are in times of hardship always remember that the suffering will pass.  All those times you thought you would never make it proved to be false.  You are here now reading these very words.  You made it!
  13. Change is the only thing that is constant.  Everything will change whether it be good or bad.  Surrender to life and let the waves carry you wherever it is that you are meant to be.  Change isn’t a bad thing for it brings about new experiences in your life.
  14. Always be present.  Eckart Tolle states that the problem with humanity is that when we are here we are always trying to be there.  Now is all there is and all there ever will be.  Do not miss these precious moments.
  15. Never judge a person.  Every person you meet is a product of their circumstances and life story.  If you do not know there story you have no right to judge.  Ultimately, every one is connected and to judge others means to judge ourselves.  Have hope and faith in all those you meet regardless of who they may be today for tomorrow your faith in them may change their world.
  16. Respect your health.  It is often said that we sacrifice our health in order to make wealth but when our health deteriorates  we use up all our wealth to improve our health.  Our body is a temple which deserves nurturing and respect.
  17. Live with no regrets.  If you have a bucket list or things you have always dreamt of doing then just do it!  Every day that passes by is a missed opportunity.  Carpe Diem. 
  18. Face your fears.  Your fears only have power over you when you let yourself be fearful of it.  The moment you confront it and overcome it is the moment you will be liberated from your own shackles.
  19. Forgive.  Grudges and anger do no good for anyone.  Buddha once stated “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”  Life is too short to let our ego get in the way.  Forgive, forget and hug it out.
  20. Always try your best.  Giving everything all you have means living by truth and being genuine despite the outcomes of our hard work.  Ilyas Kassam once stated “It is more important to be of pure intentions than of perfect action.”
  21. Let go and let God.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not have faith in life.  When everything that we could have done has be done no more can be done.  Have faith and trust that all shall be as it is meant to.  Osho once stated “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.  Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.  So if you love a flower, let it be.  Love is not about possession.  Love is about appreciation.” 
  22. Love yourself.  If I told you to face a mirror and utter the words “I love you” to yourself would you be able to do it.  The more you love yourself the more you can love others for the love you see in yourself exists in every person you encounter.  You are perfectly beautiful just as you are.
  23. Walk in nature.  There is something about the silence of a forest that brings peace to our minds.  Nature is where all creation began and when we silence our mind our spirit takes over and rejuvenates us.
  24. Meditate.  Meditation is the most powerful exercise we can perform.  The stillness of the mind enables for our soul to take over to uncover truth and inspiration.  In the busy-ness of life it is imperative to get back to our true essence.  There are also scientifically proven benefits of performing daily meditation.
  25. What goes around comes around.  For every action there is a consequence that will be experienced either today or tomorrow.  You can lie to others but you can never lie to yourself for the seeds you sow will one day have to be reaped.  Ensure that the actions you perform come from a place that is righteous in your heart.
  26. Your life is a gift.  Out of the 8.7 million species on Earth we are the only ones who have been gifted with consciousness.  If you ever think that life is mundane remember that we live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea and that there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on the entire earth.  Whatever you are seeking out there seeking you.  Happiness is an inside job thus to change your outside world you must first change your inside world.


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